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1000 Steps, Day by Day.

It can be difficult for the mind to grasp the idea that a little step in any particular direction can lead you to some goal that, at the moment, feels like it is 1000 miles away.


It could be because, in our lives, we take so many small steps in so many directions, steps that don’t seem to ever go anywhere. We pick up a paintbrush and take a step towards being an artist. We strum a guitar and think of being a musician. We hold someone’s hand and wonder where it is going to go. There are so many things we might do, things we could do, that the mind reaches into the unknown and probes, instantly and endlessly, the possibilities of what might be, down the road. And it can start to feel this was when you are taking the 1000 step journey towards building your fitness, learning to defend yourself and aiming for your Blackbelt.


Sometimes, this can lead to a loss of motivation, it can cause you to almost give up on what you are trying to achieve, even though you may be one step away from actually achieving it.


But being aware of the importance of each step is just a part of the process of intentionally putting one foot in from of the other in a particular direction. There’s a stubbornness, a persistence, a level of confidence, and a belief put into practice that must accompany you on your journey. Those ingredients become a mindset and the mindset is: “If this (what ever “this” is) is truly important to me, then I am setting out on this path with the idea that I will take, at the very least, 1000 steps in the direction needed to get where I want to be.


Take your step, whether it is one healthy meal, one more class you attend, your first class you attend,  one kind word aimed at the relationship you are nurturing, or one workout designed to shape a healthier you, and live it with joy and full absorption. Then add to it the simple understanding that you will, happily and with a dogged determination, one step at a time, do 999 other “acts,” until you have taken 1000 steps in that direction. With that kind of thinking, you will greatly reduce your chance of failure.


You will also have a tool in your toolbox that sets you apart from 99% of other people, people who also want to achieve their goals, but who aren’t yet armed with a pragmatic understanding of the kind of effort most worthwhile goals require.


Keep taking your steps, one at a time, and you will make it – Keep Training Hard!


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