The Adult Freestyle Martial Arts Program is targeted at ages 14 and up and teaches our very beginners to some of our most experienced members and this is a journey we wish to push and guide you through, from white belt to black belt and beyond.  Our internationally acclaimed instructors are dedicated to helping you along this journey and helping you to become the best that you can be.

  One of the main aims of the Adult Freestyle Martial Arts Program is to make you feel safe and confident in today's society, by joining and attending sessions you will learn the most effective self defence techniques enabling you to avoid conflict in the first place and how to defend yourself in the event it finds you.  Alongside this, the program provides a fun and friendly environment to learn in and also an excellent way to manage stress, get in shape and all the while developing your skill in martial arts and as a person.

  Martial Arts will help you become your best by offering you valuable success and life skills by instilling self confidence, discipline and life balance.  You will be determined and grow as a person, developing 'blackbelt' mindset that will not only benefit you on the mat but in every aspect of your life.

Testimionials - Bevon Blackwood
 'I have been training at Evade Blackbelt School since 2007 and found the curriculum to be the most complete I have had the pleasure to train through.

 There is no compromise on teaching technique but more importantly attitude, with a great emphasis on becoming a Dan grade on and off the mat.  Evade's ethos is to take the 'best of the best' from all martial arts to create the 'best of the best' martial artist you can be on and off the mat.   I came to Evade with 25 years of experience in martial arts, predominantly in traditional karate,  but I can honestly say that the Dan grading was the toughest test of mind and body I have ever encountered but this only added to the sense of achievement at achieving my black-belt from Sensei Joe Tierney.

I am grateful to all the Evade family for giving me this opportunity and all those who directly helped me along the way.  My recommendation for any who read this is, take the 'journey'.  It won't be easy but if it was easy everyone would be doing it and therein lies the sense of achievement.  Once you start to take the 'journey' you will find that you cope better in all other areas of your life and there is no other higher recommendation than something that gives you life skills...OSU!'

Testimonial - Ryan Thurlow
'I started at Evade training Martial arts after many years of being a body builder/weight trainer.  I took up the offer of the free class pass to try the Martial Arts training with no risk.  I was being disillusion with training just to get ‘big’ to soothe my ego and trying to impress people.  The offer of training in Martial Arts came at the right time and I can honestly say it was the BEST decision of my Life.

In the 4 years since I walked on the Mat, I have achieved my Brown belt, fought competitively and won Gold in my first ever Submission Grappling tournament.  Not only that, Evade and the Evade family has turned me from a sometime ‘sullen, irrational depressive’ into a ‘happy, content and the most importantly healthy individual.

I have now trained at a few gyms on my travels and without a shadow of doubt, not one bit of training I have received has compared to the training at Evade, the mental, technical and physical.  Dave Breed and his team have set a standard we should all aspire too….all that is left is for you or your child to put in the same effort they do and the rewards will be greater than you could ever imagine”,

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