Evade Blackbelt School - Shin and Instep

Evade Blackbelt School - Shin and Instep

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  Evade's Shin and Insteps are an excellent addition to students sparring gear and are used as a substitution for separate shin and foot guards.

  Our shin and insteps allow for a greater level of control and movement when sparring along with greater comfort when kicking as a result of our design allowing a more natural movement of the pads of which follow the curve of your leg without getting caught and hindering movement.

  The pads provides superior protection and comfort through a moulded design of which protects the fron t of your shins and the side of your calves.


  Any products produced by Evade Blackbelt School are of the highest quality with all designs being approved and endorsed by Master and Senior instructors based on years of combined experience in martial arts.