Lemon Detox

Lemon Detox

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  The Lemon Detox Diet is a ten day holistic natuopathic program, leading to greatly improved health.  The program is unbelievably effective, bringing benefits such as increased energy and vitality, weight loss, better digestion, a greater sense of well being and most importantly rids the body of toxins.

  The Lemon Detox is a natural a way of allowing your body to cleanse itself of toxins of which accumulate in our everyday lives.  Our bodies are exposed to numerous toxins through the air we breath and for many of us the diets and foods we chooser to eat.  Processed foods, saturated fats and additives have become common place of which provide very limited value to the well-being of our body.  Furthermore, the chemicals and toxins we release into the environment often find their ways into our bodies.

  The Lemon Detox allows your body to rid itself of these toxins.

  The program consists of fasting your body of solid food, most commonly for 5-7 days during which your vital organs get the chance to break down any toxins and expel them from your body.

  Essential vitamins and minerals are obtained from a combination of the natural tree syrup, the lemons and the cayenne and so there is no harm or damage to your body.

  The detox is an excellent program to go through, providing innumerable benefits to yourself.  Despite this, sometimes people struggle in breaking the cycle of dependency of an excessive lifestyle and so if you are unsure before embarking on the challenge please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.

 One of the best ways to look at it is as a challenge.  Challenge yourself to do this.  See if you can get through it because for the first few days it will be hard, but at the end of it you will feel such as sense of achievement and feel the healthiest you've ever been.

  The Fighting Fit Shop are one of the exclusive retailers of Lemon Detox.  Take the challenge.  See the benefits for yourself!