Here at Evade we offer access to the 'Rep and Reap Gym' to improve and build on your fitness.  You can find access to the equipment and the facilities for you to achieve your personal fitness goal, be that to improve your strength through resistance training or loose weight through cardiovascular routines all within the same building.  Regardless of what you wish to achieve, you will achieve it in our facilities and with the support and guidance of our instructors who will help you to reach your goal.

   Training in the' Rep and Reap Gym' will provide numerous benefits and improve your lifestyle in and out of the gym.  You will not only feel physically fitter meaning you are able to do more and experience more in everyday life but you will also feel fitter and healthier mentally.  You feel your best when you are at your fittest.  With this you will see improvements in your everyday life, you will have more energy to put into it and as a result you will get more from it and achieve more in it.

  The 'Rep and Reap Gym' has provided the facilities for world class martial artists to train and would welcome you.  Please find below information on how to join and book your free induction session.

  To book your free induction please fill in the form below, we will then contact you with an appointment to suit your needs based on the infomation you provide.

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