The Little Ninjas Program is targeted at ages 4 to 7 years of age and is aimed to provide a comfortable learning environment for our younger members and therefore enabling them to achieve their best.  Members of this program will take part in an enriched classes where they will develop a skill in martial arts but alongside this it will teach mental attitude of determination and strength that is vital for learning and growing as an individual and will greatly benefit them in later life.

  The Little Ninjas Program is led by one of our most experienced and head instructors, Amanda Quansah - 3rd Dan Blackbelt.  These sessions give an introduction freestyle martial arts and run independently, when your child has trained in these classes for a while and the instructor feels they are ready, they will be moved up to the junior freestyle martial arts program.

Testimonial - Jackie Greenbank

"An excellent professional school run by a great team of instructors with a superb leader, Evade Martial Arts provides all levels of tuition which builds strength confidence, self discipline and respect."

Testimonial - Jackie Sheldon

"We have been part of the Evade family for just over 3 months and are thrilled we have found such a fantastic martial arts school. It is staffed with incredible teachers and manages to be both welcoming, friendly and professional at the same time.

Our son attends the Little Ninja's classes and has progressed a huge amount in such a short period of time. He is lucky to have some unbelievably talented, enthusiastic and engaging teachers. He beams throughout his classes and is usually still smiling on the way home, which is a testament to the excellent teaching he receives.  As well as getting a fabulous grounding in martial arts (and following a set curriculum), Evade teach discipline, respect and has a strong anti bullying ethos. We are also lucky enough to get the opportunity to train there as a family on the weekend and our group session is always a hugely positive, energising and enjoyable experience which we all look forward to.

I could not recommend Evade more highly as a martial arts school. We feel we have been welcomed with open arms and are really enjoying training and learning with them.


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