Evade Interclub

  • Unit 10 (map)
  • Railway Street
  • Glossop, SK13
  • United Kingdom

On the 13th of March we will be hosting an Interclub competition of which will be open to all students.

Children between the ages of 7 and 14 will compete in no decision points sparring and adults will compete in either points or light continuous, also no decision.  A trophy will be awarded to the best fighter.

Alongside this there will also be a push-up, sit-up and roundhouse kick competition for students to enter.

The Interclub's are a great day where you can test your skills in a competitive environment that is fun and safe.

It will give you the chance to challenge yourself against new opponents and learn and observe new techniques and fighting styles.

This experience will greatly benefit your own training in marital arts, especially for those of you who are hoping to compete of whom it will also give valuable experience.

If you wish to register please speak to any of the team or contact us via social media.

The Evade Team.